Online tutoring for students with medical conditions


Missing school due to illness is never fun but, when that illness becomes long term students can find themselves losing their learning skills. For many, the fatigue that goes with their illness prohibits them from even being able to have a tutor come to their homes. Online tuition provides these students with a more relaxed and less tiring method of learning. Students can even remain in bed and use a laptop for their lessons.

A quote from a current student with ME:

I love online tuition. It’s really interactive and it’s like I am actually in the room with my tutor. Due to my illness the online lessons are a great way for me to be able to access my learning without it having a detrimental effect on my health.

Being able to still access their learning allows the students with long term illnesses to continue their education and still be able to plan for when they are better. The length of the lessons can be flexible to fit in with their health and the demand adjusted as is required.

Online tutoring gives the student the comfort of being able to continue their education and the knowledge that they can adapt the lessons to their current energy levels.


No student should lose their chance of an education.