There is no getting away from the fact that, on the whole, children know more about technology than their parents! At Core Tuition our tutors are proud of the impact they have on young people’s learning. Time and time again we see our students raise their grades and reach their full potential. Our online tutors see the positive impact they have on their students’ learning, study skills and confidence every day.

More students are choosing to use an after-school tutor than ever before but many parents are still at work. Parents / carers don’t want to allow an adult into their house unless they are there too so what to do? Online tutoring allows the student the chance to have extra tuition even if their parent / carer is not at home. Online tuition also means that the choice of tutors is country-wide and not just limited to who is in the local vicinity. Add to this the ever-increasing number of home-schooled children and it’s easy to see why online tuition is one of this country’s fastest growing industries.

The bottom line is that young people love using technology and so learning online comes naturally to them. Parents / carers are often worried about how effective it will be but students, on the other hand, love it! They feel very comfortable using the online classrooms as a learning site and have no problem building a working relationship with their tutor. They conduct most of their “chats” with their friends online so why not their learning too? For many students, especially those who are shy of new adults, it is easier to have online tuition. Students who suffer from anxiety usually settle quickly into their online learning session, especially if their parent / carer remains close by. At Core Tuition tutors offer free introductory sessions so that students can find out if this style of learning suits them. The tutors provide stimulating and personalised learning plus the students get to use the various interactive tools in the online classroom! All you need is a computer with a webcam and a good internet connection, the tutor room will set up automatically and there’s nothing to install as it runs in your internet browser.

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