This is the time of year when Y11 and 13 students are sitting their mocks. For all students this is a stressful time of year but even worse when they fail to achieve their target grades. What to do? Many parents and carers will opt for extra tuition. With hourly rates starting at £25 the difference a tutor can make can translate in to an increase of 2 or more grades.

Many parents and carers who work long hours, however, find it difficult to take their children to a tutor and don’t feel comfortable with a tutor being in their house if they are not there. The solution is online tuition. At Core Tuition all tutors are DBS checked and all have many years of experience. With a tutor base that boasts tutors that are able to deliver to a broad spectrum of abilities and SEN requirements, parents and carers can be assured that their child will be given the best chance to gain their potential grades, with many students exceeding them!


Disappointing mock results are not the end of the line – they are the start of the journey to wanting to do better.