Children definitely deserve a break from school! It has been a long and difficult year for many and a good rest will do
wonders to recharge their batteries. However, learning in a 1 to 1 situation is not like learning in school. Private
tutors ensure that the learning is designed to engage their students and the individual learning needs of the children
are integral to the planning for each session.

There are many reasons why children will benefit from private tuition in the Summer break:

  • Preparing for the 11+ exams in the Autumn
  • Building confidence and boosting self-esteem
  • Embedding the learning in Year 10 and strengthening and weak areas ready for GCSEs
  • Ensuring there is no academic regression over the Summer
  • Helping students to catch up if they have missed any schooling over the past year


The Core Tuition tutors are experts in tailoring the learning sessions to your child’s pace, specific needs and targets.
These sessions provide your child with the space and security they need to discuss areas they are struggling with and
the time to gain the essential learning skills to overcome these hurdles.

The tutors offer a free trial lesson but book soon as spaces are filling up quickly.