Holiday Lessons

The Summer holidays are nearly upon us and another school year of disrupted lessons and loss of
learning time will be over. But the learning does not need to stop!
The tutors at Core Tuition are gearing up to work through the Summer break to make sure that your
child(ren) maintain their knowledge rather than fall behind their current position. This is the ideal
chance for young people to catch up and even get ahead ready for the new term in September. Year
6s can prepare for the demands of secondary schools, and year 11s can start to learn the topics in
their chosen A level courses. Year 10s need to embed their GCSE learning and this can all be done
from your own home with online tuition.

Spaces are starting to fill and our tutors are in greater demand this year than ever before. The trial
session is free so you can meet with your chosen tutor(s) online and discuss what your child needs.

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