Schools are open and students are back in the classroom. At Core Tuition we are seeing an increase in the demand for private tutors for Science and here are some reasons why:

Reasons why learning Science is so important:

  1. Students learn to be good problem-solvers during Science lessons. They learn to deconstruct problems in order to solve them and they learn to do this within a team setting. These are skills that are needed in many professions, not just those that are science- based.
  2. As the World comes to grips with Climate Change students are in the best position to learn more about it so that they can be a part of the answer, rather than the problem. 

Reasons why private tutoring is so important:

  1. Tutors are able to teach in a style best suited to each individual student. The student is then able to learn more effectively and quickly gains in confidence and knowledge.
  2. Many students have suffered, to varying degrees, with mental health issues because of the negative impact the lockdowns have had on their learning. Private tutoring can help build a student’s self-esteem and self-belief resulting in a reduction in stress levels for many.