Why do we need Maths?

There is no doubt that Maths GCSE is a lot harder than the exams many
parents took when they were younger. Students are required to answer questions on topics that
were once reserved for A levels. As a consequence, parents are finding it harder to help their
children when they struggle in Maths.

Many young people find that they can do the topics in class but embedding the skill is trickier. Maths
tutoring not only helps to embed the “how” but also allows the young person to practice their exam
techniques so that they recognise the skills needed for each question. Tutoring enables the young
person to tackle the more complicated Maths questions ultimately leading to increased confidence
in Maths and so higher grades. Studies show that over 70% of young people who have 1 to 1 Maths
tutoring see an improvement of up to 2 grades after only 10 hours of tutoring and just over 10% see
a 3 grade improvement. Maths is a core subject so investing the time in tutoring sessions can have a
huge effect on a young person’s final grade and, ultimately, their career opportunities. It all adds up!


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