It used to be that when teachers retired from the classroom many of them became one to one tutors. Today, this is no longer the case. Figures last year from the DfE showed that there has been a significant increase in teachers leaving the classroom after 5 years in-post. Some surveys suggest that nearly a quarter of teachers currently working in schools are thinking about leaving. So, where do they go?

For many teachers their job is more than that, it is a vocation and this is why there has been an up-turn in the number of younger teachers becoming full-time tutors. Online tutoring has seen a huge increase in student numbers accessing the service plus more of the tutors are choosing to tutor as a career path. One of the tutors on Core Tuition recently decided to move to a full-time job as an one-to-one tutor and, when asked why they had decided to change the direction of their career path their answer was simply “it will be brilliant not to be subjected to all of the crazy things we have to do just to please OFSTED instead of helping the kids”. Within a day of making the decision to move they started to book more sessions with students. They are excited to be in control of their working life again!

Making the move to being a full-time tutor is now a viable financial option for many younger teachers. They enjoy the freedom to choose their working hours plus they get to feel that magic every day when they are able to see a student grow and achieve. Every day makes them smile!