The new Tier 4 rules means that some schools might not be reopening classrooms any time soon. Many parents are becoming increasingly concerned that their child will not make the progress they need to this term, especially those in their exam years (Y11 and 13). Many students are becoming concerned that they will not be able to catch up on lost learning time. There are government websites to help parents provide more technical help for their child such as and this means that more students than ever are now turning to online lessons. Core Tuition is proud to be a part of one of the biggest growing education sectors and even prouder that it can boast tutors that genuinely care about their students. Our tutors provide their students with a learning package that is specifically designed for that young person. They take time to find out how each student needs to learn so that they can ensure a successful learning experience.

Learning online allows the students to fit lessons around their current studies and schedule. Online lessons can even be booked during the school day allowing students to integrate their school lessons with their Core Tuition tutor. Our tutors are based all over the UK so students have the pick of the best (our strict standards mean that only 30% of the tutors who apply to Core Tuition are successful) plus the tutors offer a free initial lesson. This gives parents and students alike the peace of mind they need when choosing a tutor.  

If you are worried that your child is falling behind or that they are not going to gain the grades they need for the next step in their educational journey then please contact us at Core Tuition.