The Government has said that it will make reopening schools a priority but, until then, remote learning remains a reality for our young people.

Learning from home, especially if there are a number of children in the house, can be a challenge so here are a few tips to help:


  • Space



Make sure that your child has a designated area for working. If possible, don’t use their bedroom as this needs to be a non-working room. This helps set the scene for them to enter “work mode” and makes it a more productive learning session. 



  • Remove distractions 



Some students need peace and quiet whilst other like to have a little background noise. Find out what works best and, if suitable, let them wear headphones to create the correct work mode settings.  Keep an eye on what music they are listening to whilst they are working. Loud music with a fast beat is generally not good for learning to!



  • The phone  



Unless they are using their mobile as a device to access their learning it is a good idea that the phone remain in another room. It can then be part of the “reward” feeling when they are in non-work mode.



  • Tidy work area  



As best as possible, have a system for everything. This includes where the paper is kept or the pens. If you have more than one child using the area then simple ideas like making trays out of cereal boxes can help keep their notes organised (and decorating the cereal box trays can be fun too!!)



  • Lighting  



Remote learning and the reliance on the PC / laptop screen could well be  putting a strain on children’s eyes. Make sure that they are in a well-lit area with as much natural light as possible.