Teaching online can open up interesting opportunities.

Don’t be intimidated by trying out a new process.

It doesn’t take long to learn the steps and you will find that, very quickly, teaching a student online will feel as natural as if they are in the room with you! You’ll be able to pull from your existing skill set again and again with every new student you teach. You won’t need to write new material – just rejig your existing PowerPoints etc to better suit a single student.

Embrace the flexibility.

Live sessions mean the ability to teach from wherever you are whilst still experiencing the student-teacher interaction of a classroom. Learning to use the new technology is not stressful as it is very user-friendly.

Mobile access.

Core Tuition provides a virtual live classroom along with whiteboard and file sharing tools usable from where ever you wish to log in!

Tech support.

We provide full technical support which should give anyone nervous about exploring the world of online teaching confidence when those rare hiccups happen.

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