It is never easy, as a parent, coping with teenage children. The educational stresses and strains that our young people have to endure are very different to those we had to cope with in “our day”. This can often lead to parents and carers being unsure of how to help their children best. Add anxiety to the mix and this can sometimes push relationships too far.
Thankfully there is a lot more help available than many parents / carers realise. Sites such as the Child Mind Institute have many useful articles including ones on anxiety (
Many parents have also been lucky enough to find Dr Pooky Knightsmith on Youtube. She has some really useful advice and is very open and honest. So often we focus on the just the child but, in fact, the support package needs to include the parent / carer as well. They need to be supported so that they, in turn, can support their child.
Good luck to all those who are in need of this advice.