With the lock down firmly in place for some weeks to come many parents are finding that teaching their children from home is hard work. The course content these days is very different to the courses they sat for “O” levels or GCSEs. The government has compiled a site for resources to help students with their remote learning:


However, there are times when your child needs that 1 to 1 to help clarify tricky topics. Core Tuition tutors are able to deliver high quality online lessons to students to help them maintain their learning. They are also able to help current Year 11 students prepare for A levels – this is especially important as many students will not have finished the courses (eg separate sciences). Our tutors can deliver top up Year 11 lessons to ensure that they have the correct GCSE knowledge to be able to access the A level courses successfully.

Our tutors also offer free taster sessions so that you can find the right tutor for your child.