Is online tutoring successful?

In-school learning for our young people is still not back to normal for some – the worry of another
lockdown looming and our children having to suffer continued breaks in their in-school learning
through various bouts of isolation of teachers / students / year groups all add to their stress levels.
The need to do well in their mocks has never been so vital but there are still some parents and
children who worry that online tutoring might not be for them.

This is what one of our Y11 students had to say:

When online lessons were offered to me I wasn’t confident that it would benefit me as much as the
face to face lessons, I didn’t fully understand how it would work. After the first couple of online
lessons I found it just as (if not more) helpful as I could save all our notes to my computer and revisit
them as many times as I needed; I also found it much more relaxing and comfortable as I was in my
own home. I would strongly recommend online lessons to anybody who can’t currently do face to
face lessons, they are a great help for me (especially in my last year of secondary).

If you are not sure about how successful online tutoring could be for you / your child, you can always
have a free taster session! Please do contact us if you would like to find out more.