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Councils call for pupils’ education register

//Councils call for pupils’ education register

Councils call for pupils’ education register

The 1996 Education Act states that school-age children must receive an education “either by attendance at a school or otherwise”.

Now Portsmouth and Reading are among the councils who want a register after the number of home-taught children in the UK rose by 65% between 2009-15.

Currently only a third of council areas have information and insight into home-educating families

Parental choice

Parents do not have to give a reason for withdrawing a child from school.

With growing pressure on school places due to rising pupil numbers, 3.4% of home-educating parents say they could not get their child into a preferred school.

‘Quiet revolution’

“More and more parents are finding that it is possible to provide a suitable, flexible and enriching education tailored to their child’s individual needs in a way that schools could not dream of providing.

“Schools are under pressure. Teachers have to follow a curriculum and have targets to reach and just don’t have time to cater for each individual child. But parents can do that.”

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